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The intended use as well as specifics about the property can all affect the price of an appraisal report. Tell us a little about the assignment, and we'll reply as soon as possible with your fee quote and an estimate of how long it may take.

Just email me the address, and, important, the reason for the appraisal - such as, but not limited to: cash purchase, and you need to be sure you're am not over-paying for the property........or For reasons like taxes, divorce, partnership disolution, and of course, purchase with a mortgage, refinancing the property or Estate purposes (Date of Death or estate settlements values...... or - you name it?

I will reply as quickly as possible with a typical fee for the work, No obligation.  Please glance through some of the reasons for appraisals and how I may help, on my home page.

It is always a delight and honor to help clients to establish the Current, retroactive or future value of residential property.

Barry Noble

Palm Springs and all of the ten (10)

Desert Resort Cities throughout the

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