Buyer Appraisal Services


Here is the means for a Cash Buyer to be truly sure of his or her move in purchasing the residence of choice.  Is it listed at Current Market, Much Higher than Current Market or are you perhaps getting a very good deal because of difficulties for the seller or other reasons? 

When you make an initial offer - the purchase is a big deal. Condition the purchase on getting a Buyer's Appraisal then give yourself time to contact us and arrange for the prompt appraisal. (Within 15 days will be on the outside of needed time, as we can do it much faster, but you cover your bases.) 
Let me do a Buyer's Appraisal - same quality and accuracy as if I were doing it for the mortgage broker to protect the lender from lending too high on a property. 
Be sure, be confident.  Find out - Is your offer OK and At Market, or a deal, and Under Market, or is it Over Market and should be renegotiated. The Appraisal is well worth the peace of mind or, in the worst case, a major savings on your purchase.