Some of our basic fees are listed here. Fees are always based on the amount of work, by the degree of difficulty. We may ask to check out the property before quoting a fee, to best give you the most reasonable quote. Most Simple single family residences and condos should be in the lower quote range.  If the service you require is not listed here, call to discuss the work and fees. (760) 774-4636.  Fees may be due and payable prior to issuance of electronically signed and transmitted appraisal report or, for out of State orders or first time order.  We cannot provide appraisals based on the close of escrow or other sales transactions. You can pay by credit card if you use

Be assured of an independent, accurate and timely estimate of the Current Market Value or, if requested, the estimated value based on a specific retrospective past or projected potential value on a future date. Back To Home Page/Order appraisal

Appraisals for Date of Death, estate Planning or Settlement, Divorce, Tax, Insurance, Relocation and other legal needs, please call.


 Basic smaller Single Family Home or condo under 2,200 sf 














smaller at $400+

Single Family larger home to 2,200 to 3,200+ sf

$450 UP

Single Family large or Custom/Architectural

Significant size/type Home

(*Quoted by degree of difficulty, NOT value)

$600 to $2000+ * Call for Quote

Duplex Triplex or 4-Plex Appraisal

2 from $550 3 & 4 from $650

Form 2055 Limited Appraisal

from $350

Relocation Appraisal

from $450



Appraisal DESK Review NO site visit

 Appraisal Field Review w/ site/comps visit

from $350


From $450

Sellers Pre-Listing or Listing Change Appraisal

 Single Family home (*depending on size/difficulty)



Rental Survey and

Income Analysis 

From $175

Small Income Residential property Appraisal

(*By size and degree of difficulty)

from $450+*