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I CAN PROVIDE A SEPARATE, STAND ALONE CERTIFIED MEASUREMENT AND FLOOR PLAN SKETCH of a residential property or 2-4 units when the Gross Living Area is in question for such as: suspected incorrect or missing City or County and/or MLS printed Gross Living Area Square Footage.


1. It’s important to the Buyer to know how big the home may be. Guessing can be embarrassing and a value problem if smaller than stated.

2. It might me a liability to the Seller if home’s square footage is apparently not accurate or, worst, not available.

3. Notice how unprofessional a MLS listing or for-sale flyer looks, if neither the Seller(s) nor the listing Broker know the size of the residence and hide behind: "Buyer to Verify”?

4. Many County Records have inaccurate Gross Living Area (GLA) measurements recorded. Many Active MLS listings are inaccurate and incorrect in the size of the improvements.

5. Additions may not be included or, if included, they may be be a non-permit addition and a value and "use" problem. A Certified measurement and sketch helps Sellers be more accurate and/or buyers can confirm what they are getting.

6.  In the MLS for 2 to 4 units, frequently the square footage listed as Gross Living Area (GLA) is really Gross Building Area (GBA), and you might think you are getting  (say) a duplex with 1,800 sf of living area, (900 sf each unit) when the measurement includes 400 sf of garage space, so the gross living area is really 1,400 sf or only 700 sf a unit. The MLS and County records are also frequently incorrect, with both GBA and GLA. The Certified Measurement clears up square footage measurements before you find its going to be a problem after the sale.

An accurate Gross Living Area (GLA) taping, including a possible City Planning documents review, (if necessary) and a bonus accompanying sketch TO CONFIRM that listed Gross Living Area. A few dollars now might save a lot of embarrassment or anxiety later.

Tape/measure Residences To 3,000 s.f. detached single family home without a City Planning visit - $175 with Sketch **
Tape/measure Residences 3,001 through 5,000 s.f. family residence without a City Planning visit $275 with sketch **
Tape/measure Larger and other types of properties -degree of difficulty - call for reasonable quote. **

**If a trip to review City documents is requested, it will be invoiced on hourly fee, minimum $100

Just Remember, if it looks smaller than stated, oops, it probably is.

Just Remember, if it looks like there are additions, oops, they probably are, and are they listed as such?

Just remember, if neither the Seller nor listing broker know the correct living area size, oops, the Buyer should find out before making an offer or, make a certified Appraiser's Gross Living Area measurement and the result, a condition of the offer.

Of Course, GLA area measurement and the accompanying sketch is included with a full service appraisal with interior and exterior inspection.  This separate service offering  is for Buyers and Sellers who REALLY should get the square footage measured before listing or buying a residence, if the square footage is disputed, is unknown or the building square footage has been changed since original construction.

Note: ** This Appraiser/Broker is not a lawyer and any dispute over square footage or whether or not parts of the property are legal, and any other legal matters should be referred to legal counsel. If research cannot determine square footage status, the appraiser will so state. MLS and County documents are not guaranteed to be accurate. For legal advice - there are some local attorneys links in the right column of this page, along with other recommended